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Why all the recent fuss about septic tanks?

One of the most significant changes in recent Spanish and European legislation concerns the installation and certification of septic tanks. On the strength of the new EU laws, the Spanish authorities are now demanding an official Habitation Certificate (CERTIFICADO HABITABILIDAD) for any property that requires a septic tank for waste water processing. Most properties classed as rural or rustic are very likely to be outside of the public sewage system, and therefore depend entirely on some form of waste water septic tank system.

EU Certification and the Law

The main objective of local town halls (AYUNTAMIENTO) is to control and eliminate any possible contamination of natural and public water sources. By demanding that certification is obtained via specialized installers, all septic tank installations will therefore meet the EU and Spanish legal requirements. To correctly gain a Habitation Certificate for a property there may be additional certification and authorization required from the Local Farmers Association (COMUNIDAD DE REGANTES) or the Local Water Authority (HYDROGRAPHIC CONFEDERATION) so it is very important that any existing or new septic tank system is fully certified before the property is bought or sold. We are here to help and we have fully qualified and certified engineers on hand ready.

Modern Quality and Durability

Our septic tanks are made from the highest quality polypropylene which is especially resistant to corrosion, acids and differences in temperatures. Also, it is known for its longevity, strength, flexibility and lightweight qualities. Our septic tanks use the amazing patented Vertical Flow Labyrinth System to process the waste water, this treatment process is completely automatic and the system automatically reacts to the total daily flow and content changes.
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